Longing for More

Xiaoling sat in the Chinese Mandarin Church Plant for the first time just one month after arriving in the United States. She didn’t know why tears rolled down her cheeks as she listened to the songs that proclaimed the name of Jesus. Her heart was touched by the gospel promise that her sins have been forgiven, and she made the decision to trust and follow him. Two months later, she was baptized in front of our family of churches on Easter, still moved to tears at every mention of the powerful work of Christ.

Before following Jesus, Xiaoling was a medical doctor and scientist. The difficult questions of life were answered with scientific facts. This worldview, though, proved to be incomplete. Xiaoling discovered that science didn’t provide an answer for the love and peace her heart craved. Though she was filled with knowledge about the intricacies of science, she wasn’t satisfied. She longed for something more—the truth.

Xiaoling’s eyes were opened when she first walked into church. It was like the Holy Spirit flipped a light on in her heart so she could recognize the sin in herself. Realizing that her identity was founded upon her knowledge, Xiaoling confessed of the arrogance, pride, and lack of love in her heart. Now clinging to the promises of the cross, Xiaoling has a relationship with Jesus that leads her to a love she’d never known of before.

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