Mill City Teaching Farm

The streets of Mill City in South Dallas run rampant with effects of poverty—a struggling school, lack of affordable housing, drugs, and a food desert. Driving through the heart of the neighborhood, one can’t help but notice illegal activity. This area, just fifteen minutes from our campus, attributes to the thirty percent of the Dallas population that lives in poverty.

As a part of our mission, HP Pres is committed to Christ-centered transformation in our city and beyond. We are excited to join in mission with Dallas Leadership Foundation in building a teaching farm in Mill City! This farm is designed to teach the community about the importance of healthy living and responsibility through planting vegetables, caring for farm animals, and giving a safe and inviting place for the entire community.

We have an opportunity to show the tangible love of Christ to this neighborhood. Through helpful service and emphasizing the relevance of Jesus, we can aid in transforming this community for the better. Once a month, we spend a Saturday aiding in building up this farm. Little ones have come to plant seeds for the winter harvest while adults mapped out plans for the upcoming shed. A service opportunity for every generation, these days have united our church family and lent a helping hand to our neighbors. Join us in this exciting chance to be the salt and light to the people in Mill City! Find out how you can serve at

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