Mustn't Despair

You may remember in the summer of 2000, an explosion sank the Russian submarine Kursk and all 188 crewmen aboard lost their lives. 23 of these sailors actually survived in an air-tight chamber for hours following the explosion. One of them, 27-year-old Dimitri Kolesnikov, wrote a note to his wife as he waited to die. The note had two words, “Mustn't Despair.”

What those two words really meant, no one will ever know. Maybe he wanted to encourage his wife, who would have to go on living after his passing. Perhaps “Mustn't Despair” pointed to some hope he had in life beyond death. 

It's interesting to think about people who know they're going to die and the message they wish to share, the story they want to tell. When all the meaningless stuff of life gets stripped away—the accomplishments, possessions, wealth, and comforts—and a person is left with what they've built their life on. I wonder if that moment was to ever come to me—what would I write? What message would I want to leave behind?

I hope you'll join us this Sunday as we look at Daniel 3 and three young men who from a human perspective faced certain death for standing courageously in their faithfulness to God. And the message they leave behind is one of the most remarkable expressions of faith in all the Scripture.

When their final moment came, they knew “Mustn't Despair.” Because our God is able to deliver ...

See You Sunday,


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