Old Church

“This is old church,” the Angel Food Ministry laughs. Since the early years of Highland Park Pres, deacons have aimed to serve the physical needs of the church community. As we’ve grown in various ways, the Angel Food Ministry continues to be a pillar by providing meals for the congregants in times of celebration, recovery, or mourning. Nearly 100 homemade meals have been prepared, prayed over, and delivered in the past year hoping that recipients would feel the the love of Christ and care of the church.

Through assembling and praying for gift bag, the ladies describe their weekly gatherings as “a ministry within a ministry.” Together, they have learned to love, laugh, and encourage one another as they become the hands and feet of Jesus to the HP Pres community.

Marilyn McBride was so thankful after she received a delicious meal and sweet note of encouragement from the Angel Food Ministry. Expressing her gratitude, she writes: “Thank you so much for the time and service for others in such a worthwhile and loving ministry. My thoughts and prayers are that the Angel For Ministry may continue to bless those in need.”

Join the Angel Food Ministry to pray for others and bless them with a meal at hppres.org/serve-church.

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