Our World is Changing, But Our Mission Isn’t

Due to the spread of COVID-19, our church family has not been able to meet as usual. Thankfully, social distancing does not equal spiritual distancing. We have not canceled church, because the church is not a building, or meeting at a certain time or place. The church is a people on mission together, putting on display the love and hope of Jesus for the world. 

Thanks to internet connections and Zoom video conferences, our church family has been able to connect, pray, and study Scripture while honoring the guidelines to stop the spread of this global disease. Even though we are not under the same physical roof, God never fails to hear the prayers of his people. Jesus is still transforming lives in this time of uncertainty. 

When Rebecca Parsons met with her small group virtually for the first time, she was so thankful for the opportunity to connect despite the distancing circumstances. “I didn’t have super high expectations, but it was so great—well exceeded! It felt so nice to catch up and be able to relate about everything going on.” 

As we wade through this time of social distancing, don’t miss the chance to grow in your relationship with Jesus alongside community. Find resources for video prayer gatherings, online Bible classes, and serving opportunities at hppres.org/coronavirus.

Posted by Communications Ministry at 10:00 AM
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