Pointing Back to Jesus

When Alex and Alicia Haddock planned their move to Dallas, they immediately called their close friends, Calum and Hillary Lindsay. The Lindsays invited the Haddock family to Highland Park Pres, and upon their first visit, they were instantly hooked. “Our life had been so transactional in New York City, constantly busy” Alex explains. “HP Pres was the first time in years that we felt centered in God again.” Alex and Alicia jumped head first into community, becoming members in early 2019. Their two little ones were baptized at HP Pres just a few months later. 

It was important to the Haddocks to find Christ-centered community, and admittedly, HP Pres was the first place they felt that the community really focused on their entire family. After every service and class, their children were just as inspired and rejuvenated as Alex and Alicia were. They signed up for a community group that started meeting just as social distancing mandates were in order. The Zoom meetings became a weekly rhythm that made room for honest check-ins and sweet encouragement. Alex continues, “There are few people I can be honest and vulnerable with, and they have become an extended part of our family, especially since Alicia and I don’t have actual families nearby.” This small group has reminded Alex, Alicia, and their two children of the importance of Jesus in their everyday lives, that even in their struggles, stress, and bad moments, Jesus is calling them toward him. 

The importance of community is amplified now more than ever. We want our small groups to help people become more like Jesus as they learn to live out Scripture in community with friends who show grace, honesty, and care for each other. We’d love to help you find a place in an existing group or start a new group! Find an Online Community Group at hppres.org/groups.

Posted by Kimber Jensen at 10:00 AM
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