Profoundly Relational

Through Jesus’ earthly ministry, he emphasized the importance of human connection. As one who was both fully God and fully human, he knew what it was like to laugh, cry, eat, and sleep. He invested in others and taught them what love looked like. His ministry was profoundly relational.

This lesson came to life for Edwin Njiru when he traveled on a mission trip to Kenya. The goal of the trip was to help build desks, a playground and paint classrooms of a local primary school. What Edwin didn’t anticipate was how God would open his eyes to the importance of relationships in ministry. Meeting new friends on this trip sparked praise in Edwin’s heart. Their joy, rooted in Christ, was infectious, and this caused Edwin to think about his life back home.

“I’d always believed that we were created not just for ourselves, but that God uses us to further his kingdom,” Edwin describes. “But I realized that ministry goes beyond telling people the gospel, but sharing his love in the in between just as Jesus did when he was here on earth.” This experience changed Edwin’s perspective on living a life for Christ. How has he loved other people well in his everyday life? Being forced out of his cocoon of comfort caused him to recognize how God was calling him into a greater purpose beyond himself.

With his eyes opened to new opportunities to love, Edwin encourages anyone considering a short-term mission trip to take that leap of faith. “It will change your life,” he comments. “You will recognize that you may have been missing God calling on you to share his love.” Want to be a part of a short-term mission trip? Visit to see our 2020 mission opportunities.

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