As the survivor of teen pregnancy, sexual abuse, bone cancer twice, breast cancer, homelessness, and many other dire circumstances, Aelicia Watson, affectionately known as Chocolate, is all too familiar with the issues and many obstacles a woman faces and must overcome to discover their potential and act on it. Throughout her own journey, Chocolate depended on Christ for strength to begin the healing process in her life. This sparked a desire in her heart for every woman in pain to know the same healing power she experienced in Christ in their lives.

Her warm smile and outgoing personality draw people in, allowing others to feel comfortable and empowered by the joy she radiates to all. Women see their own pain in her story and are encouraged that they too can survive the hardships before them. She reaches out in kindness, loves deeply, and listens intently to each woman’s story, empowering them to find ways to rebuild the brokenness in their life and look forward to a brighter future one day at a time.

As one of our mission partners, Chocolate serves as an Urban Missionary to the women of Bonton, a poverty-stricken neighborhood in South Dallas. Her ministry, Redeemed Women, focuses on discipleship by creating a community space for women to come together, study Scripture, and share burdens with one another. She is able to encourage women with the truth of God’s steadfast love and grace no matter what their circumstance or past entail. Considering Bonton is located in a food desert, grocery stores are far and hard to get to. Chocolate has set up a Hope Closet, or a pantry of household items that are easily accessible by the community, and weekly drives groups to the store for grocery shopping.

We are so blessed and excited to partner with Chocolate in her mission to share the love of God for the flourishing of our city. Find out more about our local and global missionaries at

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