Serve to Grow

Through a time of open-handed prayer, Doug Crawford asked God for direction. Doug was ready to serve, but overwhelmed with possibilities, so he decided to allow God to show him where to invest his time. The next couple weeks were filled with God gently directing Doug toward volunteering with the third-grade Sunday class. This chance seemed like a perfect puzzle piece in Doug’s life: with experience ministering to elementary-aged children through mentorship and his grandkids being around the same age, he was baffled at how personal and perfect God’s answer to his prayer was.

Dancing to choreographed songs describing the exodus of God’s people, Doug dove head first into the excitement that comes with Sunday mornings in the Highland Kid's ministry.

Each service includes rich Bible story videos that capture the attention and curiosity of the kids that lead to discussion about who God is in our lives. “I love that these kids are all in,” Doug describes. Their excitement has encouraged him to share the good news of Jesus to his grandkids and the experience has left him feeling better equipped to do so.

Doug witnesses the true definition of childlike faith each Sunday he leads the third-grade class. It is through his willingness to serve that young hearts are being transformed through the power of Jesus, and valuable memories are being made as they sing, dance, and laugh to songs that describe the goodness of our Father.

HP Pres would not be who we are without volunteers that invest their time and energy to lead all generations to become transformed followers of Jesus for the flourishing of our city and beyond. On Sunday, Nov. 1, we were thrilled to welcome our Kids & Students back to Sunday classes. We have multiple opportunities for you to use your gifts to minister to the next generation. Join us as we continue this mission, at or contact

Note: Photos in this story are from Fall of 2019 and are not representative of our current safety protocols. 

Posted by Kimber Jensen at 10:00 AM
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