Starting Point

“I believe I was at a Starting Point,” Lilly Sigrist described as she wrapped up Starting Point. The course is a three-week class about how to be involved at Highland Park Pres, experience what it’s like to be part of a small group, and have an opportunity to become a member of our church. She stumbled upon the course at a pivotal time in her life, one where she was questioning her life’s purpose and relationship with God.

Growing up, church was a egregious once-a-week experience. Within her family, there was little conversation of God at all, and once sports got in the way, the weekly routine paused indefinitely. Throughout high school, though, Lilly attended weekly chapels and was taught the importance of faith and service. She sought to follow God’s calling of stewarding her time and gifts for the betterment of the community.

As an adult, these core values started to slip from Lilly’s life as she was traveling often for her job. Time at home was precious, and her priorities shifted inward. Discontent with where her life has taken her, Lilly wanted a change but didn’t know where to begin. When her dad fell ill, she flew to be with him as he underwent various tests and treatments. During the breaks, Lilly would walk by a nearby chapel feeling oddly comforted and convicted to make some bold steps toward faith.

An unexpected email from Highland Park Pres’ Parents Day Out program appeared in her inbox—she had forgotten that she had put her daughter on the waitlist over a year before. “I told myself every week that I was going to church and never did,” Lilly said. “Now they were inviting me.” She knew in her heart that God had opened this opportunity for community, and she took a step toward where God was calling her.

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