The Engine Room

Before the rustle and bustle of families skipping through our halls, or the powerful boom of the organ waking people to praise, a group of fervent prayers gather in the pre-crowd stillness to prepare for Sunday services. They meet to ask God to give peace to the hearts of everyone who attends, to speak mightily through our pastors and volunteers, and for people of all generations to fall more in love with Jesus. For over 30 years, this group has been dedicated to having our church run on a constant hum of prayer, thanking and asking God that his will be done here at HP Pres.

The late Frances Hawkins was a part of the founding team in the late 1970s. She has helped organize these weekly prayer meetings for decades and saw how prayer is a crucial aspect to the life of our church. Some nicknamed this group “the engine room of the church” because their prayers have kept everything running. Through the many seasons of HP Pres, God has answered prayers and proved his faithfulness again and again. And we are all invited to be involved!

By our 100th anniversary in 2026, we want to clock in 1,000,000 hours of prayer. We don’t see this as an arbitrary number, but as a goal that leads each of us into deeper intimacy with Jesus. Prayer is the greatest tool we have as we strive to be transformed followers of Christ. Did you know our Sanctuary is open Monday-Thursday, 9:30 am–4:30 pm, for personal prayer? Let us know you’re dropping by at

Posted by Kimber Jensen at 7:00 AM
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