The God Who is Powerful

Chris started to feel like something wasn’t right. When he went to the doctor with complaints about his heart, they urgently rushed him to surgery without much explanation. This terrifying situation shook him to the core. Feeling powerless and without knowing what else to do, he reached out on Facebook for prayer. To his surprise, hundreds of people spanning across the different stages of life, commented that they were lifting him up in prayer. Chris begin to feel at peace about the situation in a way that could only be described as supernatural.

Through the faith and prayers of his people, Chris was confident that everything would be okay no matter the outcome. Thankfully his surgery went well and his heart issues were resolved. Amid the whirlwind of this experience, Chris was amazed at God’s mighty power shown through answering the many prayers that were lifted up on his behalf.

Chris’ perspective on faith was shifting. Prayer had always been very personal and private, but he was inspired to reach out and pray for others in the same way he had been prayed for. He fell in love with this practice, soon becoming a regular in the prayer ministry. Many people were touched by his willingness to reach out and faithfully pray— so much so, he was nominated and elected as an HP Pres deacon. Chris was a bit scared to take on this role of, but despite his fears, he committed to praying ceaselessly for HP Pres. As a part of his deacon duties, he delivered meals to the very ones he had been praying for, even including his own daughters in showing them how to love others through service and prayer.

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