The God Who Keeps His Promises

Ten years after his life-changing trip to Cuba, enough time to get married and have kids, Chris Davidson (pictured left) knew he couldn’t keep growing in his faith alone any longer. The Lord had been revealing to Chris that his life was not just about him, but that being in community with others is an important and powerful part of following Jesus.

Chris’ preconceptions about community were challenged. The thought of allowing himself to be truly transparent and fully known to others seemed like a backwards idea at first. Why would he burden others with his problems? While still wrestling with this thought, God continued to prompt Chris to visit Ascent.

Ascent had been an established Tuesday morning men’s Bible study for as long as he could remember, but the thought of walking into a room full of people he didn’t know at 7 am to make personal connections and talk about faith sounded extremely overwhelming. Despite the lingering anxieties and excuses, Chris stepped out in courage and joined an Ascent table group where he recognized one person: his roommate from his mission trip to Cuba 10-years prior.

For two years, Chris ended up being with the same core group of guys—this gave him an opportunity to mentor and be mentored for the first time in his life. The intergenerational group carried so much wisdom and value that Chris grew immensely in his relationship with God and others in a way he didn’t know was possible. Week after week, Chris realized God wasn’t wrong— being known, loved, and prayed for in community was good. Seeing God’s promise ring true only deepened his trust, and this made him wonder: what other truths was he dismissing on the account of discomfort?

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