The God Who Pays Attention

Growing up at Highland Park Pres, Chris Davidson had always slipped in and out of worship services without much of anyone’s attention. He never thought his faith would be anything but private because his relationship with God was just fine without others having to come in and shake it up. The importance of sharing one’s faith never really registered with Chris, and the thought of it made him anxious to even think about.

Post-college, Chris found a job at the very church where he grew up learning how to bob and weave from community, and as a member of the Communications team over web and social media, this textbook introvert was able to play a behind the scenes role that kept him in his comfort zone. When asked to take pictures on a mission trip to Cuba, he agreed. As long as he could use the camera as a shield from talking deeply with anyone, he was fine to be an aid on the trip. 

Upon landing, he was instructed to go door-to-door with a translator. Thinking he would just be a fly on the wall, he followed, but to his surprise, the translator, Abe, pointed to Chris and told him to take the lead. Stumbling over his words and slightly mortified, Chris was forced to take this bold step. With a quick prayer of, “God, do this for me,” Christ felt a peace that could only be from the Holy Spirit, and he started talking about his, what he considered, extremely private faith.

“Honestly, it wasn’t any easier from house to house,” Chris admits. “But I kept realizing that this wasn’t about me.” Through this experience, God was starting to reveal to Chris that a relationship with him is about more than slipping in and out of worship events and being unseen. He was proving that he is a God who pays attention, for every detail of this event had been perfectly orchestrated by something much bigger than Chris. For the first time, Chris noticed the Lord speaking to his heart and mind that being a Christian is more than just a part time gig. 

Posted by Communications Ministry at 3:00 PM
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