The God Who Provided

Years after a his heart surgery, Chris started feeling extremely fatigued. Trying to work through it, he continued with life, but soon he had a myriad of symptoms that were certainly a cause for concern. For a whole year, medical tests were administered repeatedly, but no answers were given. This unknown illness began to impact his career and his family. Not only was Chris struggling, but it felt like everything around him was being affected. There seemed to be chaos wherever he went with no end in sight.

With no where else to turn, Chris cried out to God asking for answers. He prayed diligently for a diagnosis, but was discouraged when he continued to feel completely out of control. When he heard about the Silence and Solitude class at HP Pres, he signed up right away hoping that this would bring the answers he was looking for. As he began the practice of silence and solitude, God replied in a way Chris didn’t expect.

In the midst of the silence, Chris was forced to confront himself. Being completely silent in front of God can be terrifying because it allows for God to expose parts of ourselves that we may not want to see.

Chris felt God reminding him of a familiar lesson he had been learning most of his life— Chris’ life is not about him, but about the mighty God he serves. Chris was humbled and comforted even though God didn’t answer in the way he had expected. Silence and solitude were challenging when facing the Lord, but Chris’ faith grew immensely when he recognized who was in ultimate control.

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