To Our Friends in Cuba

Cubans rely on government rations for food and personal items. During the COVID-19 crisis, the government had reduced the allotments of rice and beans from seven pounds a person to five pounds a person. This ration is supposed to last a whole month meaning each hungry family member can only eat about three ounces of rice a day. 

Thankfully, resourceful members of our HP Pres Cuban Task Force have found a way to send a shipment of lentils, personal items, and other protein-packed foods to our friends in Cuba. The Cuban government has approved this shipment that will feed each family member of our six partner churches for more than three months! The items will head out of the Port of Houston as soon as the final approval is received. 

We are so thankful that, despite halts to our yearly mission trips, God continues to give opportunities for us to be the hands and feet of Jesus to our ministry partners around the world. With more food to buy this week and a lengthy process to get the materials to our sister churches, please pray for a smooth shipment process and that God would continue providing physical and spiritual nourishment for the people of Cuba. 

Because you give, we are able to seek the flourishing of our city and beyond, even in this time of uncertainty. Find ways to give at

Posted by Communications Ministry at 8:00 AM
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