When Dr. Wang moved to the United States, he never would have guessed that it would bring a monumental change to his life. In China, he and his family never attended church. He didn’t believe in God, but figured there was a distant creator far from his reach. Within the first week of living in Dallas, he had a conversation about heaven—something he never thought much of before. This started to get him thinking about why people believe in God, and even pray to him. 

Seeking to know more about Christianity’s view on the creator, he started to go to church and read the Bible with his close friend. Something stirred within him when he sat in worship, and he started to sense that the circumstances that brought him to Dallas were not an accident, but an orchestration of God’s grace. 

As he sat in the church pews, he felt deep in his heart an overwhelming love and an invitation to pray. Tears flooded his eyes as he realized that God has been by his side all along. Dr. Wang stood up in response to the call to believe and follow Jesus. He was baptized at Highland Park Pres shortly after to proclaim this transformation. Just a few months later, his wife and two girls also accepted Christ and were baptized. The Wang family had completely transformed as they each had chosen to trust Jesus with their lives. 

Dr. Wang has a passion for worship and prayer because he has sensed that God is not distant and aloof, but walking with him closely every day. If you have questions about faith, come to Alpha, an opportunity to explore life, faith, and God in a friendly, open, and informal environment. Learn more at

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