Treasures of Hope

As Christmas is near, many Dallas families fret over the weighty expectations that come with the holiday season. Between gift giving and grocery bills, the costs of Christmas can quickly stack up leaving many parents afraid that they cannot give their children the Christmas morning they’ve dreamed of. Dallas Leadership Foundation, one of our ministry partners, recognizes these stresses and aims to not only help, but empower these families with Treasures of Hope. This seasonal store offers parents an opportunity to purchase quality, affordable gifts, eat a hot meal, and pray with prayer partners.

Erin and Andrew Bakke joined their small group in a special night of buying gifts for the Treasures of Hope store together. “We decided that in December we would try to actively serve our communities. We met at Target and had more fun than we expected going through the Treasures of Hope list of items,” said the Bakkes. “We spent a lot of time in the games section, reminiscing on our childhood favorites, and felt thrilled at the idea that these same classic games will bring joy to new families!”

Gift and food donations were accepted from DLF partners and the store is run by volunteers in the weeks leading up to Christmas. HP Pres is always very excited to sponsor Treasures of Hope around the holidays, making Christmas special for families across Dallas.

Join Highland Park Pres on December 23 at 5 pm, or come to one of our Christmas Eve worship gatherings at 12, 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 pm to celebrate Jesus together. Bring along your friends, family, and neighbors for Christmas carols, candle lightings, live nativity animals, and hearing the wonder of the arrival of Jesus. You won’t want to miss it! Learn more at

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