Water and Wine

In our first year of marriage, Ali and I were invited to have dinner with a couple from our church. They were good friends, and we knew, among other things, that they loved really good wine. Their house had a wine cellar; they made wine-tasting trips through Italy and Northern California. These were serious oenophiles.

Not wanting to show up empty-handed, we stopped on our way to their house at a gas station, and picked up the most expensive bottle of wine we could find—an $8 bottle of White Zinfandel. Apparently our wine selection was so treasured, that our hosts suggested we let the bottle age as it awaited a truly special occasion (it's still aging to this day).

Do you know that with his first public miracle, Jesus turned water into wine to keep a party going? In John 2, we find that life with Jesus is meant to be savored as we taste and experience the goodness of our creator. I hope you can join us this Sunday as we worship together the Lord of the Feast.

On another note, many of you know that for the past few years, our leadership has been working to match our campus to the vision of our church. The Campus Vision team would like to share with you some exciting updates at two Information Gatherings—one this Sunday at 12:30 pm, and a second the following Thursday, January 18, and 6 pm (both in Elliott Hall). 

Can't wait to see you Sunday,


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1/14/2018 at 05:16 PM by George

To Pastor Charlie Dunn - outstanding sermon today! Really liked the points about first “sign,” the “hour” and giving the credit to the bridegroom. Excellent insights. Appreciate the exegetical preaching.

1/16/2018 at 11:23 PM by Jill Perrin

I attended the casual 11 service on Sunday. I wanted to thank you for the call out and prayers regarding Haiti and African nations -- that they are wonderful places, warm people, vibrant and flourishing communities. I wish I had clapped at the end of these particular comments. (And lead the way for others to show their appreciation). Great leadership Bryan. TY, Jill (we've met in passing. My son is at Stanford. I am friends with Janie and Ben Bell as well as Cynthia and Mark Nastri).

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