Way To Go, Church!

To the 256 leaders and volunteers who invested in the lives of the next generation this week at VBS: THANK YOU!

I’ve watched this week as you’ve put on display the love of Jesus for hundreds of kids to see, and I want you to know there is no greater joy as a pastor. Way to go, church!

One of my VBS highlights: there was one breakout room that had a grandmother, her daughter, and her granddaughter all teaching together the same group of children. This is truly an all-generations project! I hope you can join us Sunday as we celebrate the stories of transformation coming out of VBS 2018.

One other thing to remember about this weekend—Sunday is Father’s Day. I've shared this before from John Harries, who says most churches have a sermon like this on Mother’s Day: “Moms are amazing. They’re like human unicorns, special, beautiful, smelling of lavender and jasmine, deserving of our gratitude and our complete affection and pedicures.” On Father’s Day, he says, the sermon often sounds like this: “Dads, what are you doing? Seriously, get your act together! It’s time to step up, quit being dead beats. Cowboy up already! Get with it, old man!”

So, here’s our commitment: no Dad bashing this weekend at HP Pres! We will make sure to honor and show lots of love for all the fathers in our midst.



P.S. If you haven't had a chance, take a moment and look at the pictures that capture this week of Christ's love in action. 

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