Ways to Pray This Week – July 25


90 Days of Prayer includes daily prayers through the first 90 Psalms in the Bible. Each day includes a Psalm to read, questions to answer, a truth from that Psalm, and ways to pray through the Psalm.

Throughout Scripture, God invites us to talk to him, to hear from him, and to respond. This is called prayer. The book of Psalms has often been called the prayer book of Scripture, teaching us how to talk to and listen to God. Wherever this summer takes you, join us for 90 Days of Prayer as we grow together by praying through the first 90 psalms.

We invite you to follow along daily.

Read Psalm 55 today

God sustains us through the painful experience of betrayal.
As you reflect on this, pray in these ways and any other way the Holy Spirit leads.

  • Pray about relationships in which betrayal has occurred and brought great pain.
  • Pray for the restoration of relationship which betrayal has happened and the freedom to let go of relationships where restoration is being hindered.
  • Acknowledge in prayer and confession that we have been betrayers against God, and give him thanks for providing a way out through Christ.
  • Read the words of verse 22; cast your cares on God in prayer and have confidence that God will sustain you.
  • Pray that those who have turned away from God would experience the same rest and confidence that God alone can provide.
  • Pray for the salvation of those who have turned away from God and as a result have brought trouble, oppression, and pain into the lives of others.
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