Ways to Pray This Week – Sept. 26

How incredible it is that we have a God we can talk with—and that is what prayer is! At HP Pres, we believe prayer makes a difference in our lives, and in the lives of others. Take a few minutes today to talk with God using the Scripture and prayers below.

To prepare for prayer today read Psalm 28.

Even when we doubt, we can cry out to the Lord. As you reflect on this, pray in these ways and any other way the Holy Spirit leads.

  • For any urgent needs and fears that are in your life.
  • For increased trust in God’s timing to meet needs in your life.
  • For the Lord’s gentle hand to walk with you through your fears and needs.
  • That, no matter what we are thinking or feeling, we would believe we can go to God and talk to him.
Posted by Communications Ministry at 11:05 AM
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