Where Two or More are Gathered

For the ladies of Anchor, Elliott Hall was a sacred space. The room had held the laughter, tears, and hearts of generations of women who took bold strides toward vulnerability. This space meant healing for some, victory to others, and community for every woman who sat at the tables that lined the walls. When the campus changes noted that this area would be replaced, many women had heavy hearts as the long-standing tradition of Wednesday morning gatherings in this room would come to an end. This prominent change brought in a fear that this kind of vulnerability and freedom wouldn’t be achieved in the same way.

The large space of the Sanctuary seemed intimidating. Unlike Sunday services, Anchor wouldn’t pack every pew leaving potentially awkward gaps between individuals. Fortunately, doubts and discomfort were left at the door as women joined together to worship their Savior and King. The study of the Holy Spirit only pushed forward this challenge of change. Weeks of deep study widened these women’s perspective on the ministry of the Holy Spirit that unites us despite any obstacles that seem present. Meditating on the power of this person of the Trinity transformed the large vast area into an intimate gathering of believers. Worship and teaching was only enriched by this challenge of change. One woman commented, “There is something special and holy in that space for Anchor. The Holy Spirit is in that place.”

Changes are ever-present during this season of HP Pres. Through the construction, relocation, and having to adjust to new normals, it is easy to mourn what once was. And though our congregation has been blessed with incredible buildings that tell the stories of God’s Kingdom through stained-glass windows and purposeful architecture, what truly makes this space sacred is the community of believers that gather. We thank God that he cares enough to deepen our understanding of him and prove to us that Matthew 18:20 rings true: “For where two or more gather in my name, there am I with them.” Anchor will be starting up again with a new study this spring. Find out how you can find community at Anchor by visiting hppres.org/women.

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