With One Voice

There is something about music that binds us together, brings us into community, and points us back to our collective identity in Christ. When Hollis Vaughan first started singing in the choir when she was little, she got a glimpse of how special singing in a group could be. Practicing regularly, she began to really connect with others in the Children’s Choir, and now, as a member of the Genesis Choir for 7th–12th graders, she has seen how God works through her time there.

It started with simply singing soprano and playing games before practice, but the group she’s been with for the past few years has gone beyond only being fellow choir members. They have learned to open up to each other about whatever they’re going through, study for hard tests together, and serve alongside one another on their annual Genesis Choir mission trips. “Being a part of the choir has strengthened my faith for sure,” Hollis describes. “There’s a focus on serving God more than anything. I’ve learned not to stress out about the small things but trust God instead.”

Hollis mentioned how the routine Bible studies and devotionals have pointed her back to what this choir is all about: glorifying the name of Jesus. With the songs saturated with scriptural references, she has caught herself being reminded of God’s truth as she hums the tune of a melody she learned in choir. Gay Munselle, the director, says she prays that Genesis Choir is a place where faith is established and where kids can always come back to community even after they graduate. She has invested in discipling these students, and many of them have found a spiritual home where they can be open and encouraged.

Find more about Genesis Choir at hppres.org/music.


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