Joining an adult class is a great way to build intergenerational relationships, hear transformative teaching, and discuss important topics. There are several Adult Classes on Sunday mornings at 9:30 as well as occasional book discussion and short term topical classes.

The vine (30s/40s)

Time: Meets weekly In-person 9:30 am in the Hunt Center, Room I
Class Mission: 
The mission of the 30s and 40s class is to foster community and spiritual growth in this stage of life as we dig into God's Word together. The teaching will vary around topics such as parenting, culture, and circumstance, but will remain anchored in God's Word. 
Who Attends: 
Anyone between 30-40 years old. 
Class Structure: 
Class begins with 10-15 minutes of fellowship, followed by 25-30 minutes of teaching, wrapping up with discussion.

Family Life

Time: 9:30 am, Hunt Center Room J
Class Leader/teacher: Clyde Jackson, David Atwell
Class Mission: The mission of the Family Life Class is to explore Life Lessons for daily application and exhortation to all members to read, study, meditate and pray upon the Word.
Who Attends: Couples and singles from mid 40’s to 70’s; average attendance 14.
Class Structure: Class begins with 10-15 minutes of conversation and prayer, followed by 40-45 minutes of teaching. 


Time: 9:15 am, Hunt Center Room F
Class Leader/teacher: Class discussions are led by a rotating team of 4 teachers; class leaders Wes and Kirsten Garwood
Class Mission: To study God’s Word, apply it in our daily lives and to support the members of our class in their walk with the Lord.
Who Attends: Our class members have children in high school, college or beyond, with some becoming grandparents.
Class Structure: We begin each class with prayer requests and praises, followed by 40-45 minutes of teaching with class discussion. Average attendance 25-30.

Bell Class

Time: 9:30 am; Hunt Center Room B
Class Leader/teacher: Jane Matthiesen, Andy Raub
Class Mission: Our class provides practical insights between scripture and daily living.
Who Attends: Our class is primarily made up of empty-nesters and retirees. Average attendance 40.
Class Structure: Class begins with 10-15 minutes of conversation and prayer, followed by 40-45 minutes of teaching. 

Disciples Class

Time: 9:30 am; Hunt Center Room C
Class Leader/teacher: Walter Gast - Leader. Instructors are experienced Bible teachers and presenters, including members of the class as well as gifted guest speakers.
Class Mission: The Disciples Class is an intergenerational community of believers devoted to the study and discussion of Scripture, fellowship and mutual care, and celebration of the Christian life.
Who Attends: The Disciples Class is a warm and welcoming, multigenerational community of disciples with historical roots at HPPres reaching back many years. Average attendance 25.
Class Structure: Class begins with a brief welcome and announcements, an opening prayer and lesson, followed by a time of fellowship.

Young Adult Community Gathering

Time: 9:45 am; Hunt Center Room K
Class Leader/teacher: Andrew Franklin
Class Mission: Learning and Fellowship among the HP Pres Young Adult community.
Who Attends: Young Adults in their 20s and 30s, specifically post-college-aged and older. Average attendance 40.
Class Structure: Limited lecture, mostly small group breakout discussions of the same passage from the morning’s sermon. 


Time: 9:30 am, Room H
Class Leader/teacher: The Journey Class is led by rotating instructors (typically Elders, Deacons, Bible study leaders, Missionaries or Staff). Teachers may come for one Sunday, or they may continue for a multi-week series. Occasionally the class will study using a Biblically based video series.
Class Mission: Our class is a community of Christian adults who lead and support one another through the Journey of life by studying the Bible and praying together. We also have various social events throughout the year.
Who Attends: The Journey class consists of those in their late 40-50s. Average attendance 25.
Class Structure: Class begins with 15 minutes of announcements and prayer, followed by 45 minutes of teaching and discussion.

Acts too

Time: 9:30 am, Hunt Center Room A
Class Leader/teacher: T. Hardie, Anne Compton
Class Mission: Our Goal is to foster community through our small group discussions and to witness the continuing Acts of the Holy Spirit in our lives and the lives of others.
Who Attends: Primarily 50’s through 70’s; couples and singles; average attendance 40.
Class Structure: Class begins with announcements, opening prayer with prayer requests, Discussion of the lesson led by T. Hardie. 

Reconciliation Sunday Class

Time: 9:30 am, Hunt Center Room G
Class Leader/teacher: Dianne Carlson, Bilha Mureithi
Class Mission: The Reconciliation Class is a unique Sunday Morning Community focused on a deeper exploration of the Sermon on the Mount and how these words of Jesus impact our everyday life. This class will cover issues in both our current culture and timeless truths such as relational health, racial justice, and our own personal calling to be disciples of Jesus Christ.
Who Attends: All Ages and Demographics interested in justice and reconciliation.
Class Structure: Each week will be a lively discussion on topic introduced by the class leader and how it relates to scripture.


Ask Becky Stockum

Discipleship Coordinator